Fato Safari Zone Jim Corbett


Jim Corbett National parkFato Zone, also known as Dhikala Zone, is situated within the Jim Corbett National Park, which is entirely notable for its diverse flora and fauna. The Fato Zone is believed to be one of the most attractive zones since it gives visitors a completely different experience from the other zones in the park.

The zone offers an incredible jeep safari experience, allowing visitors to explore the dense forest areas of the park. Visitors can take a four-wheel drive vehicle through a series of trails that offer a breathtaking view of the grasslands, rivers, and the dense forest. The incredible experience offers visitors an opportunity to explore and encounter the park's diverse wildlife, including the elusive tigers and leopards. Visitors can also witness herd of elephants and deer feeding in the grasslands. Moreover, the safari experience is not only limited to daytime but one can also opt for a night safari experience in the Fato Zone. The night safari experience is entirely different as it takes place when most of the wildlife in the park is active. During the night safari, visitors can see nocturnal species like leopard, hyena, civet cat, porcupine, and other small mammals.

Jim Corbett National park Fato Zone also provides bird watching opportunities, since the park has more than 500 bird species recorded so far. Visitors can spot birds like black storks, crested serpent eagles, changeable hawk eagles, Himalayan griffon and many other bird species. Finally, it is essential to note that visitors must adhere to designated trails and guidelines when venturing into the park. Visitors are encouraged to hire an experienced guide or tour operator as they will have expert knowledge of the region and the wildlife. Additionally, visitors must respect the law of the jungle and maintain silence inside the dense forest to avoid causing disturbance to the wildlife. In conclusion, Fato Zone in Jim Corbett National Park offers a memorable experience for visitors, with its stunning grasslands, dense forest, and diverse wildlife. A jeep safari experience in the Fato Zone will leave any visitors amazed, and they will want to come back to relive the magnificent experience.


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