How To Reach Corbett National Park

How To Reach Corbett National Park

The Corbett National Park, an oldest national park of India, is the prime wildlife destination for the wildlife loving as well as nature loving tourists from all over the world. The park is located in the Ramnagar, a city of Uttrakhand state of India, around 260 km from New Delhi. Being in the proximity of the National Capital City of India, the park is easily accessible through the Railway and Roadway routes. Here, you will find the detailed information on how to reach Corbett National Park-

Road distance to Jim Corbett Park :


Over the years he became a good hunter as well as wonderful naturalist. He was blessed with the excellent observation, fleet- footed and great stamina. He was so intelligent and active that he could read the signs of the forest and movement of wildlife as put all senses on (sight, hearing and smelling) while moving in the forests. He has a record of killing 19 tigers and 14 leopards. He was also a pioneer conservationist and played a key role in the establishment of present Jim Corbett National Park. He led a confirmed bachelor life and remained an active member of many wildlife preservation organizations and helped in conserving these natural resources.
The Best Road Route From Delhi to Corbett :
The Roadway is the best option to commute from Delhi to Corbett as the road trip has its own allure, especially, in the pleasant weather. The Delhi to Corbett road distance is around 245 km and 6 hours of drive. You can either travel in your private vehicle or take the car/ tempo traveler/ Bus service which is easily available from Delhi. Below is the detailed Road route to reach Corbett-
Delhi – Gajrola – Moradabad – Kashipur – Ramnagar (Around 245 Km) :
Whether you are traveling by your private vehicle or by the hired vehicle, this is the easiest and shortest road route to reach Corbett from Delhi. Start your journey from Delhi and by crossing the Ghaziabad or Noida road, hit the NH24 to drive towards Hapur. Crossing the Hapur, Gajrola and Garhmukeshwar you will reach Moradabad. Here, at Moradabad, do not enter into the city instead take the right turn to Muradabad bypass road and crossing the Thakurdwara and then Kashipur you will finally reach the Ramnagar
From Ramnagar, you can either directly reach the entry gate of the Corbett Park or visit at your pre-booked hotel or resort to stay. The whole distance will be around 245 km which will take nearly 6 hours to cover. The roads are in decent conditions except for the little stretch of state road near Ramnagar. Here are the few other road routes which you can prefer to take if you are visiting the Corbett Park from places other than Delhi-

If you are starting your journey from Bareilly or nearby places, then choose the following route-

Bareilly – Kichha – Haldwani – Ramnagar (around 160 km)

If you are visiting Corbett from Nainital then hit the route below-

Nainital – Ramnagar (Via Kaladhungi) (62 Km).

For Lucknow to Corbett road trip, go for the given route-

Lucknow – Bareilly – Kicha – Rudrapur – Kashipur – Ramnagar (435 km)

By Rail: Delhi To Ramnagar :

The nearest railway station from Corbett is Ramnagar which is around 12 km from the park and the station is directly connected to the railway stations in Delhi. A direct train named Ranikhet Express runs from Delhi to Ramnagar which is the best train to reach Corbett from Delhi. You can catch the Ranikhet express at 10:50 pm at Delhi to reach Ramnagar at 04:35 am next day, and again return by catching the same train at Ramnagar at 09:05 pm to reach Delhi at 05:00 am next day. The train operates on a daily basis. However, Ramnagar station is the best option to reach Corbett but alternatively, you can also arrive at the Kathgodam station and visit Ramnagar by taxi or cab which will take around 3 and half hours by road.

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