Phato Safari Zone

Phato Safari Zone

phato safari zone

The best experience can be felt in the presence of nature. As the world opens up to travel and venture daily new exciting aspects beyond beauty then choose destinations away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Connecting with nature and considering the enticements on offer for explorers, even experiences that would usually burn a hole in your pocket are becoming even more accessible.
Dealing with air tickets, or travel means you can pay out more at the destinations themselves. Corbett has the most incredible Corbett National Park which has an exquisite Phato Zone. It is no less than beyond beauty.

Jeep Safari In Phato Corbett :

Phato Zone is one of the well-known zones where the love of wildlife and the pleasant feeling of nature will give good vibes. Tigers are the key animal to be found in Corbett National Park. Phato zone is uniquely beautiful and being here is another level of joy and enchantment. This is a wonderful tourist zone and tourists love to fulfill their excursion cravings. Considerably Phato zone is the tenth zone of the Ramnagar. Jeep safari in Phato zone through Phato entry gate in Mohan Nagar Maldhan and the entry gate is 26 km away from Ramnagar. 50 jeeps safari each safari conducted in morning and evening respectively for 3 hours. There is an abundance of wildlife here spotting tigers is very easy.

How To Reach Phato Safari Zone?

The entry gate to Phato zone is Phato gate, which is about 26 kilometers away from Ramnagar city.

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Copyrights © 2022 Corbett National Park All rights reserved.