Durga Devi Safari Zone

Durga Devi Safari Zone

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Nuzzled in the northeastern corner of the Corbett National park, the Durgadevi zone boasts of having the most beautiful landscape in the park. The hilly terrain with the lush green forest and the intense tranquility is what defines the magnificent beauty of the Durgadevi tourism zone in the Corbett tiger reserve. One of the six ecotourism zones of the park, this zone is especially known for being the home to a large number of exotic birds. Literally, the zone is a paradise for the bird-loving enthusiasts. Enriching the peaceful wilderness of this zone, there are diverse species of wild animals are gracing this part of the Corbett forest and attracts a large number of tourists every year. The Corbett forest department organizes day jeep safari in this zone to explore the vivacity and natural beauty of this Corbett tourism zone.

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Durgadevi zone is located on the hills thus offering the most enchanting view of Nature along with the variety of wildlife. The Ramganga River and the Mandal River cross each other at several places in the zone, which adds the charm to this forest landscape. As like the other zones of the Corbett National Park, the Durgadevi zone too is the natural habitat for a large number of wonderful wildlife species including the few endangered wild animals. The favorable ecosystem and large landscape is the perfect habitat to survive and flourish the wildlife. The view of the mesmerizing topography and the rich wildlife attract nature-loving tourist to this zone.

The prime species of the flora of the zone includes Sheesham, Sisoo, Dhak, and Khair which are found in abundance in the park. Other vegetations of the zone, such as Chir Pine, Chir Choti, Gajar Sot, Banj Oak, Kanju, Jamun, Aamla, etc. are seen growing in most of the park area. The common fauna species of the zone are the Royal Bengal Tiger, Wild Boar, Wild Asian Elephant, various species of Deer like Spotted Deer, Sambar Deer, Barking Deer, Chital, Rhesus Monkey, Black Faced Monkey, Jackal, etc. The Durgadevi zone has the greater number of wild elephants than the other zones in the Corbett Park so this zone is particularly famous for the magnificent sighting of wild elephants and for the birding. The river water of the zone is the home to the famous Mahsheer fish which can be seen in the river channels of the zone.
Durgadevi gate is the entry gate to this zone, which is located at the distance of 28 km from the nearest city of Ramnagar which makes it the farthest zone from the Ramnagar. This zone has also a forest rest house named Lohachaur forest house where tourists can enjoy the night stay and get the utmost experience of the dense raw forest. In order to enjoy the day Jeep safari or the night stay in the forest rest house, the tourists have to obtain the permit to enter the park. It is better to get the booking done in advance as there is a huge rush of tourists in the park, especially, on weekends and holidays. The Durgadevi Zone is open for the tourists from 15th October to 15th June every year. During the monsoon season, the park is closed for any tourism activity.

Quick Facts About The Durgadevi Tourism Zone :

Entry Gate : Durgadevi Gate.
Distance from Ramnagar :28 km
Open and Closed Period : 15th October to 15th June.
Safari Offered : Day Jeep Safari.
Maximum Number of Safari Jeep : 11 Jeeps per Shift (2 Shift in a day).
Forest Rest House : Lohachaur FRH.
Exploration Time: 03 hours 30 min.

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