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Dhikala Forest Lodge Accommodation

Strategically located in the core of the dense forest of famous Corbett National Park, Dhikala forest lodge is one of the unique forest accommodations in the world. Surrounded heavily by wild ambiance, staying at Dhikala guest houses is a once in a lifetime kind of experience almost mystical. This simple yet amazing forest house is run and administered by the forest department of Corbett National Park. Highly popular among wild life enthusiasts and lovers of raw nature, Dhikala is situated within the periphery of Patli Dun Valley and offers the breathtaking view of this enchanting valley along with Kanda ridge. Various streams of Ramganga River are flowing through this area enhancing the rustic view of the forest. Dhikala guest house is around 32 kms from the Dhangadi gate which can only be travelled by the vehicles of forest department. Covering this distance is an adventure in itself as one can have to cross through the rich flora and fauna of this area which includes vast grass land, dense Sal jungle, various small river channels and different types of animals roaming on the grass land.
Note : In order to stay at night in the Dhikala Forest guest House, the Indian and SAARC visitors have to book the accommodation in Dhikala Forest Lodge 46 days in advance and the Foreigners have to book the accommodation 91 days in advance.


The Dhikala forest complex consists of old as well as new building structures and considered the unique accommodation amidst the large forest, one among few of its kinds. Old rest house at Dhikala possesses the historical architecture, built by the Britishers over hundreds of years ago. As Dhikala zone is comes under the area of Reserve Park so you will need the govt. permit to visit here, which you have to show to the forest guards at the Dhangadi entry gate. The guest house is only 32 kms from the gate but it will take around two hours to reach there on the rustic jungle roads. This guest house provides you the amazing opportunity to stay inside one of the oldest tiger reserve in the world and experience the amazing nightlife of the forest. If you intend to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life then the guest house at Dhikala could be the best choice for you. The picturesque location, lonely quiet environment with soothing sound of birds can be highly refreshing and rejuvenating for mind.
Along with these 32 rooms, Forest Lodge at Dhikala also possesses two dormitories which consist of 12 bunk beds and a common bathroom in each dormitory. However, all the 32 rooms have their own attached bathrooms with the facility of hot and cold water as well. The campus has large clean beautiful area in between the guest house complex. Though being in the core of the forest, the dhikala FRH offers the facilities like electricity in the rooms, hot and cold water in bathrooms and comfortable beds with neat and clean surroundings and basic medical services. For the safety purposes, Dhikala forest lodge is surrounded with the solar electric wire fence to ward off animals to enter in the premises. Due to all these facilities, it is the most preferred forest lodge in Corbett by wildlife enthusiast.

Eateries And Foods In Dhikala Forest Rest House :

There are two eateries available within the premises of this forest lodge offering the buffet meals; the quality of food is good. Among two eateries, one is a canteen run by the KMVN, tourist department of the state where you can get good food at highly affordable price and other is a privately run restaurant with the alacarte menu. Alongside the canteen, there is one general store where you can get normal daily uses things. You will only get the vegetarian foods here with few verities but foods are moderately nice and tasty. Alcohols and non-vegetarian food items are strictly not allowed here.

Activities At Dhikala FRH :

Dhikala zone is open to tourists only from 15th Nov to 15th June every year. In remaining times of the year, this area is not safe for touring due to heavy monsoon. The water level of many river streams within the region is high at this time making it impossible to cross. The Dhikala zone is restricted area in this forest so you need the permit to enter here. Staying at Dhikala is highly popular among tourists from India and abroad so it is always advised that you book your rooms at Dhikala FRH in advance before visiting here. It is next to impossible to get a room without an advance booking. Staying at locations like Dhikala forest lodge is nothing but a lifelong memorable experience so plan well in advance about everything, be it booking of rooms, jeep safari and a guide.
The entry gate of this zone is Dhela Gate, which is around 20 km from Ramnagar, the nearest town of Corbett Park. You have to show the entry permit at the gate in order to get inside the park. So, if you want to stay at the Jhirna FRH, you need to book the room at the FRH, hire a jeep safari and a guide which is mandatory to enter in the park.

When And How To Visit Dhikala :

One has to enter from the Dhangarhi gate of Corbett park after getting the permit in order to reach at Dhikala. As soon as your ride enters inside from the gate, you will get the idea where you are going to spend your time. The large lush green grassy picturesque landscape and enchanting raw forest will mesmerize you with its wild beauty. The various streams of Ramganga River are the lifeline of this zone not only adding the beauty to forest but also supports the wildlife in this area. You will pass through many other forest lodges such as Gairal, Sarapduli, Sultan and others on the way to the Dhikana FRH, which is situated in the innermost part of the forest.

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